About Strange Grain

Born and raised in New Mexico with strong Spanish and Native bloodlines, my style embodies where I come from, the Southwest, as well as my own artistic impression. I have traveled all over and have lived in Southern California for most of my adult life. For the past 4 years, I’ve been back in New Mexico building handmade silver jewelry as well as being an owner/publisher for a popular local Social Media Brand, I am New Mexico.

Although the name may not completely convey what it is that Strange Grain is, I hope that it eventually becomes a large name that carries various artistically themed products (my vision).

I make everything from scratch. All my jewelry is cold formed with hand tools only. I’ve never apprenticed or watched anyone else make jewelry, so you may not see anything similar to what I make, considering I use very unconventional methods to execute some of the pieces that I design and make.

I’m a painter, sculptor, and graphic artist as well. I can work in almost any medium, digitally or physically. Although my current focus is on silversmithing, you may see various products in my store that are composed using various other mediums.