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Wholesale New Mexico Red and Green Chile Pendants by Strange Grain

Before designing and fabricating my first Sterling Silver New Mexico Green Chile Pendant, I did a little market research to see if there were a lot of them, or if so, what kind of quality. When I did that initially, I didn’t see much quality coming from anywhere, and they certainly weren’t using Green Kingman Turquoise. Once I had found a good source for the green Kingman Turquoise, I was excited to start making them. As soon as I made one, people gathered interest instantaneously on my social media page, I am New Mexico, and from there, people, of course, wanted a red chile pendant as well. Of course, I thought of using red coral at first. But after seeing the price, it would basically cost about $1000 for one pendant at today’s current market price. So, with a little searching, I found a really good supply of Brazilian Red Jasper, with a very clean, rich, and consistent color throughout.

They’ve done so well that I would love to offer them to your New Mexico gift shops or stores in a wholesale capacity. If you’re interested in obtaining wholesale pricing for the New Mexico red and green chile pendants, contact me at, i n f o @ S t r a n g e G r a i n . c o m with your inquiry.

Wholesale New Mexico Red and Green Chile Pendants by Strange Grain
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