I’m excited to begin a new journey in metalsmithing doing lost wax casting. Although I haven’t had any sales in about a month and a half, since Etsy made changes to their system, I believe this may help stabilize my income a bit more. I’ve been saving and putting together all the necessary elements to make this happen, for months. I’m not the type of person to use videos or anything to build my knowledge on the subject. Rather, I use the failure, disappointment, and knowledge-of-science, as well as using scientific notation to grow my skills. Here’s to getting beaten to the ground and getting back up. 🍻 Something I’ve become good at, from necessity. #lostwax #lostwaxcasting #waxcarving #riopro #riojewler #strangegrain #iamnewmexico #newmexicanartist #notmexican #spanish #native #nmmutt

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