I made this for my wife a month after I started making jewelry , a little over a year ago. I did the stamping with a letter X from a letter set and a modified chisel. Cut the cabs with an old #lortone combo unit with thrown out bearings. I was instantly fascinated with turquoise. Maybe it’s because I’m from NM? I used nickel silver because I had no dough, and brass from an old brass bed. My first pieces I made from stones that I found in the Jemez Mountains in Northern NM. I slowly built my brand by constantly putting all my profits back into the business. Eventually I was able to afford silver and low and behold, it was much easier to work with. I have a blacksmithing and welder/fabricator background and had done stained glass, another skill that attributed, so I learned very fast. #strangegrain #turquoiselover #artisanjewelry #selftaughtart

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