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Hand carved Artistic Skull for Lost Wax casting in Sterling Silver

When I first started casting a few years ago, I didn’t have a very good setup. I would vacuum the investment in a vacuum chamber and would do the burnout in a tiny jewelry kiln by Table Top , which could barely fit the single small flask that I owned.

Earlier this year, probably the worst year in history, I took a risk and applied for a loan so I could buy a professional setup.

I’ve been carving since I was a kid, so it’s been fun creating wax models and being able to cast them into something that can last many lifetimes.

While there are a number of skills needed to cast in metal, as well as a number of expensive pieces of equipment, I’ve finally had the experience meets opportunity moment.

From here on out you’ll be able to see the progress in my jewelry casting journey, something I’ve been wanting to do since I first began my handmade jewelry career.

Here is a wild looking human skull carving, with a skull cracked down the center, being stapled together (I know, creepy), with electrodes connecting the brain to the temples. I’m pretty stoked.

As long as this badass skull makes it through the casting process (I’m still a rookie in that regard), I plan on making either a pendant or ring, and potentially a one-off casting that someone else can use, which will be available in my store.

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