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Ithaca Peak Turquoise Castellated Bezel Cigar Ring

Size 9 1/4 – 9 1/2 High Grade Ithaca Peak Turquoise Castellated Bezel Cigar Ring – Everyday Wear – Heavy – Sterling Silver – Strange Grain


This great heavy gauge cigar ring can be used as an everyday worn ring. The stone high grade Ithaca Peak Turquoise, and was sourced directly from the mine owner. Ithaca Peak is one of the most sought after turquoises in the world, known for its deep blue hues and pyrite matrix. This one has a reddish iron matrix and a small pyrite inclusion. It’s constructed by heavy gauge sterling silver and handcrafted to perfection, with high detail. The castellated bezel is hand-cut for an extra mile of detail. This ring won’t last long!

This ring is available here, and on Etsy.

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