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Just so you know, I haven’t stopped making jewelry. Before @etsy starting blocking all organic traffic to my store without paying them 60-100% of my profit, I was selling 3-5 pieces a week. July of last year, they put all my jewelry on page 300 or something dumb like that, which has accounted for 2 or 3 sales since July of 2018, which I made about 40 dollars back on like $600 worth of jewelry. On top of that, I have a FB/IG page with over a quarter of a million followers, and because of that, or whatever their reason is, they only show my stuff to people on fixed incomes, people that I’ve shared gps proximity with, fake friends, and people that are broke. Via statistical analytics, they can segregate any QB’s (qualified buyers). Where you go, who you spend time with… when you get paid… if you shop online, via cookies… where you shop, eat, and obtain entertainment while you’re out, via gps location signatures. I have undoubtedly been sidelined entirely by these conglomerates. Basically, I’m in a position where I cannot make a living other than pay my bills. They’ve basically kept me imprisioned within my own home with zero money to go anywhere, do anything, or invest anything in my art. I was about an inch away from dying of chronic pain a month or two ago. Such extreme tension that my body was going to give out. I have had a few chiropractic sessions and a sports massage and I’m about 90% now. They’ll also not show this to anyone, either, triggering a psychological reaction… (fb has become so predictable. Especially when you’ve been testing and analyzing how their programming works). Basically, I take good pictures and have been faking it and haven’t been making it, since last July. I’m talking like 3 jewelry sales and one pottery customer. #strangegrain #strangegrainpottery #socialoppression #economicoppression #socialdictator Any lawyers that want to sac up?? I don’t think I can take this shit anymore lol 😂 #honesty is no longer an admirable trait in a world of slackers, con artists, and talentless hacks, so I don’t expect any sort of educated responses. You have to remember, before these social dictators put it to me, I reached over 10mil./wk

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