Custom Rattlesnake Cuff


Custom Rattlesnake Cuff


Prices are based on materials and labor. Stones will be negotiated after purchase. I have hundreds of stones that you may choose from. If you want a particular variety, I have a wide range of sources that may have the stones in question. An additional fee will apply for specially sourced stones, which will be invoiced separately after purchase.



This Custom Rattlesnake Cuff design was originally an idea from a rough sketch that a client provided. Since the design had an element of challenge as well as a great aesthetic, I obliged.

Soon afterward, I received a wholesale order for 5 more in different sizes. Having made this custom rattlesnake cuff design more than once, in a variety of sizes, I’ll now be offering this custom design to the public.

The smallest size available for this cuff is 6″, including the 1″ gap, and the largest size available is 8″, including a 1″ gap. Upon purchasing, I will contact you using the email you provided with your order, to go over the specifics, tailoring it to the particular dimensions provided.

The custom rattlesnake cuff is hand forged from cold-rolled heavy gauge 925 sterling silver and embellished with handmade rattlesnakes fabricated using a hammer and chisel, while the trim and inside of the cuff, are hand-embellished with handmade Zuni stamps in an organic pattern reminiscent of the southwest. The bezels which surround the stones are entirely handmade and hand-cut. Meaning, that each individual prong is cut, shaped, then set individually. The type of bezel that I use is called a castellated bezel, however, there are many different ways to make them. The way I do them is without any jig or template. The spacing, the cuts, everything I do by eye.

The cuff is made by Strange Grain owner and silversmith, Will Barnes. To hand-select a cabochon for this piece, I will contact you after your purchase to go over the options. I also have a variety of stones to choose from if you’d like to pick your own. However, this piece will need 5 stones, so we’ll go over the options.

If there’s a particular type of stone that you would like for me to source, an additional fee will apply. Otherwise, the stones will be included in your purchase.

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