#SONG011 High Grade Sonoran Gold Turquoise


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#SONG011 High Grade Sonoran Gold Turquoise


Size: 14mm x 14mm x 6.03mm

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Sonoran Turquoise is a gemstone known for its beautiful and distinctive blue color with green undertones. Turquoise has been used and treasured for thousands of years and has an incredibly rich history, especially in Mexican culture where treasures were made out of this stunning gemstone.

Sonoran Turquoise has been a prized gem in Mexico for thousands of years, dating back to the Toltec civilization and the Aztecs. The Toltec civilization died out in the 8th century and was replaced by the Aztecs – it was during the transition that turquoise gained even greater prominence in Mexico.

One of the most magnificent pieces found made out of turquoise is Montezuma’s famed treasure which is a carved serpent decorated with turquoise tiles made in the 8th century- this masterpiece can be found in the British Museum.

Today, most of the turquoise produced in Mexico is from the state of Sonora which contains several mines including Caridad Mine, La Caridad, Mun. de Nacozari de Carcia, Sonora. Barranca Mine, Santa Maria, Mun. de Onavas, Sonora Mun. de Baviacora, Sonora.

Mexican turquoise is of high quality, and comes in shades of blue and green. Sonoran Blue Turquoise often contains embedded shiny Pyrite flakes, or black oxide veins running through it. [Source]


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