Women’s Dark Blue Royston Turquoise Statement Cuff Bracelet


Designed with a touch of style from the southwest, this Dark Blue Royston Turquoise Women’s Cuff is made to impress the owner as well as the onlooker. With its deep blue and dark brown matrix, this Gem Grade Royston Turquoise specimen will be something you’ll often look at, adore, and be glad that you’ve made the investment, with this investment grade women’s Dark Blue Royston Turquoise Cuff.

The cuff is constructed from heavy gauge sterling silver, giving it a substantial weight, feel, and obvious level of quality that you’ll wear with pride more often than you probably would one of those dime-a-dozen turquoise cuffs you see all over the internet today.

Each element of detail was done entirely by hand. The stone, hand-cut, shaped, and polished. The bezel, handmade as well as each individual detail, applied by hand.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to own a gem grade dark blue Royston Turquoise women’s cuff today! Not only is this the perfect gift for someone who has a December birthstone, but it also possesses a timeless design and style that you’ll grow to love more and more each day.

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Women’s Royston Turquoise Cuff Bracelet Specifications:

    • TOTAL WEIGHT: 53.8 grams
    • LENGTH OF STONE: 24.15 mm
    • WIDTH OF CUFF: 3/4″

  • READY TO SHIP (See Details in Shipping & Handling)
  • Made in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
  • Fabricated with Heavy Gauge Sterling Silver
  • Features a custom bezel
  • Entirely Hand detailed

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