Happy New Year! About this time last year I had given up on making jewelry. After months of zero to no sales, my flux dried to a crisp, my last go was purchased from scrap, and still nothing. I basically had to quit. I started to do ceramics to see if I could do that after spending thousands and throwing clay 7 days a week for 4+ months, I sold two vases. I didn’t know what I was going to do and pretty much lost faith in all my crafts and almost myself. My wife talked me into doing an art show @moonstonepopup to try and showcase my artwork. I managed to sell a few pieces and met @turquoise_obsession , who connected me with some other fellow jewelers. I was able to get silver again after that show and soon after stumbled upon some other great jewelers that helped inspire me into pushing forward, such as @_andshewas_ , whom have gone out of their way to share my work. And recently, another very talented jeweler, @lunalupanorth even purchased one of my pieces. I’m super grateful everyone that has supported my craft to this point. It only takes one comment, one sale, one word of encouragement to push people forward to the next level. I can honestly say that without these people who have supported me, I’d have probably given up on any of my art and would have some bullshit job or something. Although I still have to contend with the nazis at @facebook @instagram and this year I’ll finally give @etsy the final finger 🖕🏽. Other than that, the future looks bright! See ya in 2020!! #strangegrain

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